Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Two unschooling books

I heard about the first from Pat Farenga's blog....Here is his take on the book

Free Range Learning: How Homeschooling Changes Everything "by Laura Grace Weldon is a welcome addition to homeschooling literature. Starting from the point of view that “Natural learning happens all the time,” Weldon cites many familiar, and some new, books, research, and data to support that claim. This information can be useful to present to skeptics, if they are open-minded, but it is probably most useful to any parent wondering how much teaching they need to do with their child at home. In short—don’t teach unless the child asks a question. If you create a relaxed, open atmosphere at home the questions will flow from the kids, as the families in this book show and the parents of healthy, pre-school-age children can attest. Dr. Raymond Moore used to say that he could determine a good learning situation by who was asking the questions: if the teacher is asking the questions, it isn’t good; if the children are asking the questions, it’s a good learning situation."

I love the emphasis on natural learning, which essentially is what unschooling IS.

And Amazon suggested the second for me...a more practical how to book...As in I'm unschooling, so what do we do if we don"t do school?

Unschooling, A Lifestyle of Learning......".Let's imagine a life without school! In the absence of school, what do children do? They play. That is, they do what brings them joy. They do what calls to them. They do what they need to do to get from point A to point B, learning useful skills along the way. Let's imagine a life of unlimited possibilities! Unschooling parents and their children live and learn together, helping each other, making discoveries, solving mysteries, and sharing adventures. Ready to have some fun?"