Tuesday, February 28, 2012

A View on Un-Parenting

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Excerpt - One of the biggest misunderstandings I’ve found that people have with unschooling, particularly in Christian Unschooling, is the question of guidance.  People seem to jump to the conclusion that unschooling = unparenting.  It’s a BIG problem.  Frustratingly so.  Christians assume that if you’re unschooling it means you’re not guiding your children or “training them up”.
 So, for the record, let me very clearly state – the parenting philosophy behind unschooling typically involves a LOT of guidance, y’all!
 In my opinion, a large foundation of unschooling is based on guidance.  Being a guide for your child, sharing your experiences and interests, your opinions and your beliefs.  But not forcing a bunch of unnecessary baggage and schedules and lessons on them.