Saturday, July 14, 2012

Toddlers and unschooling

Toddler unschooling. A discussion on our Unschooling Catholics email list.

Isn't it just living life with toddlers? Yes.

But.... we all need new ideas. And it is often counter cultural to be living with toddlers without plans for preschool or  school or even school at home. How will they learn?

As John Holt pointed out many times, children are natural learners. if we don't squash their interests. And if we share our lives with them, share the big wide world.

So here is a link on  Toddler Unschooling.... ..with many micro links contained within. With a reference to this book ( see image), one I found helpful as a young mother of young children. 


And share your ideas!  


Debbie said...

I am happy that I came across your article. I was on a retreat this last weekend wondering what I was going to do this fall. We have not been having fun learning the last few years and I am in need of something new. I didn't know that Catholics unschooled but I was interested years ago. Now I think I will give it a try.

Leonie said...

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