Saturday, July 30, 2011

Involved parenting

Unschooling can be seen as involved parenting.


Although it may look like our children playl day or our teens spend time with the books, the movies,, the video gamesthat they want...while mum chats or works...this is the surface look. For underlying every day is the principle of involved parenting.

We give our children the gift of unstructured time not because we are lazy or busy ourselves but because we see value in self directed learning, in learning through play and discovery, in learning to make choices and decisions, in finding interests, in time alone or time together or time alone.

The parenting is not hands off but hands on...visibly or subtly, almost invisible.

Unschooling is anything but passive and direction-less.
It’s about lighting a fire. Unschooling is not hands off.

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Erin said...

Re making decisions, we recently read an article discussing the 'success' of athletes and movie stars. the ones who did well had support in childhood and experienced making decisions,