Wednesday, October 8, 2008


This morning we sat down and made construction paper jack-lanterns since Halloween is fast approaching....

Whenever I create, I think about "the important stuff."

Yesterday had been a rough day around particular child didn't want to do what she was asked to do and was plagued with a foul attitude - and I quickly got into one in trying to deal with said child.

It was around 4pm that I had a breakthrough with this dear one. I simply asked her to snuggle on my lap with me and I gave her a kiss. I then apologized for my bad behavior. I don't recall if she apologized for her's - but this morning, things started to get tense, again.

So, rather than engage, I pulled out "stuff" to do art and sat at the kitchen table with the crew.

Quickly, all stress was off and we were connecting again because when the stress is off, we can actually discuss the problems instead of defending or reacting to them.

So, as I made my pumpkin decoration, I realized that it is usually over a project or story - or simply, undistracted time together that we connect.

What is it for you?

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Leonie said...

I find our connections just come incidentally - when I almost least expect it!