Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Beginning Unschooling

How does one begin to unschool?

Or, how does one re-start unschooling?

There have been times in my life when I have moved away from my unschooling ideals and we have failed to connect. I have directed more than I like. I have to jump start my unschooling mode, my unschooling lifestyle.

What do I do?

I usually start , or jump start, unschooling by taking a holiday!

Act as though I am on vacation at home.

Do the usual chores and household routine then do what we'd like to do on holiday - hang out, watch movies, play games, talk, read together, listen to or play music, bake, do crafts, go to the park, visit places as though we are tourists in our area, celebrate the liturgical year.

Invite the children to join me.

Follow their lead.

Say yes more.

Just hang out and, after awhile, I notice interests starting to spurt, areas to strew, things to tweak, a routine and rhythm.

And this needs to be done for a good length of time - at least three-six months.

Whenever I do this I also keep a little log or diary - kind of inspiring for me to see what learning happens when I am not directing learning.

I have blog of our day to day unschool doings, it is just a log for the state but gives you some idea of what we do all day - St Anthony Academy .

And here is a good page on beginning unschooling

Finally, I try to remember to relax and enjoy and smile more. I read unschooling blogs and books and sites, I immerse myself in unschooling as an interest or hobby.

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Beate said...

Great reminders Leonie, esp. saying "yes" more.